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 Noah Sky

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PostSubject: Noah Sky   Fri Mar 18, 2011 9:50 am

name:Noah Sky
personality:Noah is personally kind of lazy but will never show it for most of the times he is either working,exploring or just doing something the only time he shows it is either on his down time,when he is relaxing or when he is hanging out.
Noah is a kind guy who is very friendly,he is smart,cool,charming and caring towards most people he finds the time to give as much help to anyone in need of it,has a hard time giving up on things he sets his mind to,often is lost in thought and is quite most of the time,most of the times he is shy but this is a rare side you will see from him.
other then that he is brave at heart will never stop,never rest till what needs to be done is done,will never back down no matter the odds and is always willing to have fun either way the tables have turned or against him,even when the cards are down he smiles on and stays calm,cool and relaxed.

he is about 6 feet 1 inch,his hair is blond,his eyes are blue he has casual light skin tone,he occasionally wears blue and white most of the times white.
he is very found of switching up his wardrobe depending on the situation,moment,time and place,when it comes to working he wears a white dress shirt with black business pants,black shoes and a light tanned vest.
when it comes to hanging out he wears a blue shirt with white jeans some blue and white sneakers or depending on the weather (but rarely wears them) slippers.
but when it comes to fighting he doesn't really care to switch it up he'll fight you either way,dirty,clean,muddy,wet,new cloths,old cloths you name it he'll fight in it.
history:Noah was born into a success of a family which all did good,his mother was a flight attendant and a hotel owner while his father was a corporal big business man,even thought as a kid he never knew nor got the change to know his parents he did pretty well in life for as a child he was given private lessons and tutoring in both arts of fighting and arts of the mind(basically knowledge)
because his parents were able to pay for anything Noah could get into he was given all the biggest opportunities Noah never neglected an opportunity when he seen one he took it considering he made it to preschool at the age of 4 and by the age of 10 he was in high school already and during that time in high school he was picked on much by many kids even in his early school years but he knew how to defend himself,making a name for himself and making it into collage at the age of 14 passing and mastering all of his majors and everything passing with flying colors he soon became something well known and his parents were proud of him to one day where they visited and wanted to congratulate him on a job well done.
e looked upon the two figures and wondered who they were questioning them "who are you two?" shocking his parents he actually told them the truth that he never knew he even had parents that where were they?
they explained there side of the story and it was all understood when Noah explained his part and actually thanked them for the future they have bestowed upon him giving them both a hug and a kiss before they went off to there lives.
as time went by Noah decided to break off from the fame,the fortune and the money for he feared of turning like his parents and decided to go on a journey starting up a new life with a new meaning and a new bright day ahead of him.
he was ready for the world.
he occasionally stops by job sites to work for some food or a place to stay for a while when ever he needs to here and there and he never misses trouble on a daily bases for someone is always challenging him for some apparent reason he never knew why himself so he more recently stays quite now and tries to draw as less attention as possible.
he also trained with a few Mages along his path.
Clan History:his family were very successful people who all were known for there hard work and anticipation they were also known for there sons success who eventually broke off from the success and began his own story of a life time being the only one of his family who knew combat made Noah especially special for none of his family knew anything about fighting just work.
lucky for him he was given it at a young age or he would be done for.
elements:his elements are unknown to him yet but he dose see Light as a possible element.

weapon name:Varies
weapon looks:varies
about your weapon:his magic he learned over time training with a few Mages allows him to switch up or out random weapons at will but this also becomes a weakness for it takes a while to load up for he has to think it then make it happen which usually gets him caught in the mist of fire in battle so he tends to switch up weapons very less often and use his magic instead.

about your self:well as you can see i like to give paragraphs as seen in my characters bio,but sometimes i may feel lazy and just give a short sentence or paragraph it depends on how i feel who am i role playing with and what there response is.
but overall i try to make the best of my rps by replying as soon as i get on cause i'm a bit busy myself at the moment so excuse me if i do not get back to replying in time i will get to it thought don't count me out.
to read
to write
to explore
to work
to study
to become better
to know more
to be better
to train
making friends
meeting new people
helping people in need
being nice to girls no matter how mean they get.
down time.
stupid people
immature people
burning books
being stuck in one place
not getting better at something or achieving his goal
people who want to fight for no reason
people who put others down or bully people or just pick on people
when a girl goes to far and treats him like nothingness
to much down time.
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PostSubject: Re: Noah Sky   Fri Mar 18, 2011 9:53 am

amazing looks great.
welcome your good to go have fun.


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Noah Sky
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