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 Taiyou Shinon

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PostSubject: Taiyou Shinon   Mon Mar 07, 2011 10:33 pm

name:Taiyou Shinon
nickname:tai,tiyou,moon,shiny,cutey bear
personality:Taiyou is a smart,out going girl with high potential and high self esteem of her self,she loves to be kind make friends and so much more being wise and all and being the some what younger sister she had to grow up a lot faster for being the weakest so called was her biggest strength for she then rose to the ranks and trained every day becoming one of the best in her family caring out orders under her sisters command as the sister hood of assassins till they were killed off by her sisters ex boy friend who taiyou eventually had help to kill and was also killed by some guy who she seen as a rival till this day and wishes for revenge but is never sure what really happen that night.
going threw so much with relation sips,jobs and a bunch of other stuff taiyou one night went crazy and killed herself turning into a nobody leaving a halo shell of her self behind but shall return one day to her just takes the right "key"

history:Taiyou was born on a day of the full moon giving her the name taiyou shinon or as they call her moon light.
growing up was tough for her since she was given small classes and small training groups while her brother and sister both got to go for big shot challenges and stuff gaining more experiences in life quicker making them more powerful then her but she trained and wanted to be just like them so she tried harder then them pushing her self to the limit.
everyday she tired to become better then the two till one day her whole clan was assassinated by two mysterious bandits but they died to the hands of faith of her brother and sister while her brother left off to find his own gain her sister and her became the sister hood of assassins a small group set out to find and kill men who don't deserve to live.
she eventually passed till one day she failed and was pursueded by some guy who set out and became her rival to where her sister was displeased and "disconnected" her from the team leaving Taiyou alone and confused in the world setting out to find dark for she found it was his fault her whole life was now turned upside down out of rage and confusion she was killed and brough back to only serve another day in the organization with her boy friend sasuke who she recently made out with and so on skipping further details.
anyway as time went by taiyou went on and lived her life exploring for her own gain till one day she came across a heartless who told her.
"hello my dear....i see you wish for eternal power...forever lasting revenge...and so much may have just have to give me your heart....and come with me into forever lasting do you say...?' Taiyou foolishly agreed not knowing what she was getting into and now is left with the hallow shell of a nobody waiting to return to all taht she was....praying to make up for her mistake....her cravings...her lust...
Clan History:threw Taiyou's eyes they are unknown
elements:Twilight,Poison blood water,blazing thunder and psychic earth.

weapon name:Blood Line
weapon looks:
about your weapon:this sword contains he history of Taiyou's entire life from when she was born and her blood was shed upon this sword till the day she died but this sword still lives on in memory.

about your self:there is much about me that everyone alreayd knows so no need to fill this out again thank you Y_T
Likes:Taiyou likes to get stronger,train,hanging out,make friends,meet new people,cute guys,spending time with her cute guy Razz and just being her self
Dislikes:Taiyou hates bad guys,jerks,perverts,freaks,idiots,immature guys and guys who brag about beating girls like her.


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PostSubject: Re: Taiyou Shinon   Mon Mar 07, 2011 11:03 pm

approved awesome story and new app!


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Taiyou Shinon
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