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 Yuki Grace

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PostSubject: Yuki Grace   Thu Feb 17, 2011 4:21 am

name:Yuki Grace
nickname:Snow,Pink Snow,Pinky,Rose,Star,Snow Fairy
personality:Yuki is an out going, intelligent,wise,Friendly,loving,caring person who tends to be serious most of the time considering she lives alone and spends most of her time venturing and getting stronger she is never scared or shy to speak her mind or say something she is true at heart and a free spirit with plenty of potential.
2nd appearance

Yuki wears an occasional dress for certain themes but always wears her street cloths (2nd picture) for almost anywhere being prepared for anything at all.
she has darkish blue eyes a pinkish pale skin,whitish hair but since she dyes it every now and again it tends to seem pink,she dyes it either red,pink or blue(depending on her mood) most of the time she would let it sit as white.
history:The day Yuki was born she can only recall being blessed by some moon crescent guarding her from evil for ever more.
as a child she was stubborn, arrogant,uncaring,picky and very finicky she always wanted her way and was taught by the elders that it was either there way or no way at all.
eventually she learned the hard way being sent to the toughest camp in her village,that is where they broke her spirit and made her strong even thought now and again she tends and acts playful and childish it never really last considering it was real hard growing up for her.
after camp she was sent to train with the masters and was it hard for she failed everything they had tried to show her till eventually as time flew by she mastered mainly everything and was ready to then came her great responsibly as to protect her home world from invading colonies and other things being the guardian for a while also taught her things and made her stronger facing and going up against some tough opponents.
more later in life as she was finally a women and could make her own decision she decide to venture off to different worlds to find more knowledge power and to meet her long lost cousins she never met as a child hearing so much about them but never being able to meet them in person.
Clan History:from Yuki's prospective the clan has been around for sometime now living on a world made entirely from snow and ice adaption to it was hard but those who were born here had to learn to live or die.
this clan has had many uprise and down falls but Yuki knows none of the such for she never really gave tension to her ancestors even thought she learned it all and grew up there she claims to know nothing.
elements:Katon,Suiton,Blizzard,New Matter(mix of psychic and light)

weapon name:Nariko
weapon looks:
about your weapon:Yuki's weapons consist in a pocket knife(for close combat or far depending how) two blades with spiked hilts ones case is broken for quicker attacks while the other is for if she needs to do double combat which she loves.

about your self:Hi,I'm Yuki lol i know your Yuki your character is Yuki wtf? but anyway aside from the introductions i'm here to help out and have fun being told from Kari to join up since a friend of hers was having trouble finding someone i am here to help as much as possible.
hope to fit in Smile.

using both her swords
learning new things
gaining new experiences
meeting new people
going new places
likes to prove herself worthy
seeing good books or any books burnt or go to waste
unfair fighters or fights
staying in one place
staying put
not getting anything done
not learning anything
not proving she is worthy.

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Princess of Twilight Hearts

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PostSubject: Re: Yuki Grace   Thu Feb 17, 2011 4:23 am

welcome don't worry you'll fit in just fine.


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Yuki Grace
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