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PostSubject: Rules.   Sat Apr 10, 2010 6:13 pm

New Rules and Old. racial slurs of any kind what so ever will be tolerated u will be warned once then banned or your account will be given away.
that includes anything about religion what you believe in none of that here ok i understand freedom of speech but some people get offended so please don't share your personal life thank you. not curse up a storm for we have children on the site also (admins and mods alike)
3.any spam please go on to the spam topic if you feel in the mood for that stuff and please any and all spam keep it in the spam area! sexual photo's,videos of the such thank you
5.try to stay in as few Role plays as possible for you will one day encounter to the point where you are in a fight and you die but your also in a role play where your living life as normal and that is technically god moding. god moding ok u cannot kill an enemy in less then 5 post there must be more then that and no big moves like a whole paragraph saying how u killed him no give your opponent a time to attack at least or guard bad mouthing any members or team members (get a warning for bad mouthing members but a team member gets you banned for a day or your account will be taken for that day depending on how we feel about you and your account
8.have fun stay as active as you can read all the info in the info section or at least the important stuff please thank you. not double post unless divided by 24 hours,do not make more then 3 post 1 one row like so (one day u post hi,no one answers the next day u post hi again, no one answers u post hi the next day and your in trouble ok if no one answers the first or second try just wait a bit more longer some one will be bound to answer you
10.also don't try to smart @$$ your way around the rules that is an official ban and take of your account so don't be the one
11.make sure to right proper sentences to where everyone can understand what you wrote like for example
such and such said "i am gonna into the park see you at there man lates" improper please make sure to make your sentences proper and no spelling errors if you do have a problem with a word try another word don't know what word to put don't put it anyway try another word.
and if you are just trying to sound smart using big words but you misspell them you will be called out on your age so please do it right if you are the proper age which should be 15 and up but below have an excuse.
12.your email must be accurate and real no fake emails any of those will be taken and used for our own purposes so register with a real email!

more rules will be added as soon as we find them so don't make us add anything stupid please thank you.

also most of the pictures and banners on this site is property of Unsure Universe using any of our stuff is against regulation and we will report you if caught.


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