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 Moon Light

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cutey bear


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PostSubject: Moon Light    Mon Aug 23, 2010 4:57 pm

name:Trinity Ketsueki
nickname:none yet
personality:Trinity is a nice,calm girl who is a little shy with new people plays nice with people but she dose act a little down and sad at times,she is smart.clever, sensitive and emotional sometimes but over all she will mainly react disconnect at first for she hates to talk to anyone at all
gender:Female (of course)

her hair style changes a lot and her eye color changes based on her mood
history:all right Trinity's past well this is gonna be fun alright.
well the story starts at birth when she was just a baby her mother was a beautiful women with nice blond hair and the cutest face of them all and her father had nice black soft hair that would sometimes cover his face but he always kept it behind his head tied up to make him self look like a samurai.
but any way growing up was great her parents got her everything she needed but she never wanted anything which was the best part about her on her behalf but her parents wanted her to want but she just could not,also they wanted her to be social but she was anti social and did not make many friends cause she liked to be alone most of the time but as she got older she made one friend.
this one friend was a girl who was almost just like her and since they shared so many similarities they got along great they alway's hung out and the boys would always ask them out but they would both always declined the boys to a point where the guys thought they were lesbians and they technically were but as she got to 8th grade things got a little worser in school like the work and stuff but they kept there heads high....till the fateful day....graduation...
they cried rivers after rivers of tears for each other and it took security to separate these two and that same night...her friend kitty took her own life...
trinity was shocked and shattered to find that her best friend was dead and thought about dying her self but was placed in a mental hospital for help on how to control the loss of her sister...soon after a while she began to see the ghost of kitty and this brought her spirits back but not for the best..
kitty's ghost made her go insane and kill a whole hospital which then trinity was then taken to a reserved facility where they place lunatics and nut jobs.
she spent 2 years there and re grouped but became something..far worse...something she did not even know..the day she was released she got word that her parents had both died that her father and mother were both on a safari and died she smiled laughed and said good for them and walked away ever since that day she has gained some type of power that she her self is unaware of it is so unknown it is not even here in this story that is how unknown it is but after she became 18 she became a psycho path bent on killing anyone and anything but something in her was stopping her from doing or even becoming close to any of it so she just lived life as the quite,innocent girl who no one knew or even cared about..

clan:they all died yes!
elements:pure black dark abyss(with a hint of light)

weapon name:Kitty
weapon looks: Kitty is the dragon and the soul of her blade
about your weapon:the night her friend died and she came to her this sword was craved and made with kitty's soul

about your self:well i am a really serious Rp like to take my rp's to another world at times i love Kingdom hearts (thats why i joined duh) and uh I'm not to found of your every day jock or cocky boys so don't embarrass your self boys please Wink

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Hearty xD
Twilight Knight
Twilight Knight

Leo Dog
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PostSubject: Re: Moon Light    Mon Aug 23, 2010 5:13 pm

pretty good for a so called beginner approved


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Warrior of Twilight Wings
Warrior of Twilight Wings

Virgo Dog
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PostSubject: Re: Moon Light    Mon Aug 23, 2010 8:57 pm

wow nice job


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cutey bear


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Location : Near the window watching the rain and the stars...the night sky trembles..:)

PostSubject: Re: Moon Light    Tue Aug 24, 2010 2:52 am

thank you worked really hard on it
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PostSubject: Re: Moon Light    

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Moon Light
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